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Pro Business Account
Bulbs.com can simplify the purchase of your replacement lighting and help you control lamp usage.
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Pro Business Account

Having a Pro Business Account allows you to have an open line of credit with Bulbs.com, and negotiated volume pricing. Your company will have a single point of contact with a certified lighting expert to manage your account and make sure that you are lighting your business in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Your Pro Business Account will also make you eligible for lighting rebates that are available in your area, and your account manager will be sure that you know what savings are available to you—they will even take care of the paperwork for you. In addition to these great benefits you will also have access to BulbTrack®, giving you easy access to all of your orders and simple reordering of products.

Pro Business Account holders get

  • Utility rebate eligibility
  • Dedicated account expert
  • Negotiated pricing
  • Easy reordering with BulbTrack®
  • Inventory ready to ship
Bulbs.com Pro Business