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Life & Safety

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Exit & Emergency Signs
Make Sure Your Business or Building is Up to Code

Exits need to be clearly marked, additional signs should be in place to direct people towards the nearest exit, and egress lighting must be provided in the event of a power outage or emergency.

Your local inspector can tell you what your state requires, and tell you what you need to install and where they should be installed in your building.

Bulbs.com offers a variety of options to get all the exit and emergency products you need to meet your local codes.

Bulbs.com stocks all types of Kidde brand smoke and CO alarms to meet your needs. This includes battery-powered, wire-in, and wireless systems using the latest in alarm technology. We also have a variety of Kidde Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms which have sensing technologies that work together to detect fires and the odorless, colorless, tasteless gas known as CO.

From controlling a small home fire to selecting the correct model for your business, having an extinguisher within reach can be the difference between minor damage and catastrophe, Bulbs.com is here to help you choose the right Kidde fire extinguisher.

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