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Privacy Policy
We take your privacy seriously. Here's how we do it.
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Privacy Policy

When you visit any Web site, your computer exchanges information with other computers. Except for information or commands you enter yourself, most of this process eliminates your need to enter numerous technical codes. That's what makes the Bulbs.com experience so user friendly. We assure your privacy by supporting your right to decide what information you share and how it is used!

At Bulbs.com, we take security very seriously. All of our employees have reviewed our privacy policy and must log in to a secure administration site with an username and password to view any customer/sales information. A Bulbs.com technical team checks our security monthly, so you can rest assured that your information is private. For transferring sensitive information such as credit card accounts, we rely on Verisign secure encryption technology.

If this policy is ever changed, all users will be notified via email of the changes.

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