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Energy Savings Calculator
Want to see the real value of switching to energy efficient bulbs? Let our Energy Savings Calculator do the math for you!
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Energy Efficient Bulbs

Energy Savings Calculator

The calculator will work with any type of existing or replacement bulb. Simply enter the requested information and watch the values change (remember to hit 'return' or 'enter' on your keyboard after entering or changing a value). If you are changing the bulbs yourself, leave the "Re-lamp labor cost" field at zero.

Existing Bulb

Typical A-19 Incandescent

Wattage watts
Price dollars
Life hours

Replacement Bulb

Typical LED

Wattage watts
Cost dollars
Life hours

Cost of Electricity

Find your average rate:
or enter from your bill $/kWh

Other Factors

Number of bulbs being replaced bulbs
Hours of operation p/wk hours
Re-lamp labor cost $/hour
Time to replace one bulb minutes

The Bottom Line

Total Savings

Return on Investment


Return on Investment

ROI = Total Savings - Total Investment
Total Investment

A ratio of money gained or lost relative to the amount of money invested, expressed as a percentage. For example, if you invest $1 and receive $2 from your investment, your return on investment is 100%.


Simple Payback


Simple Payback

The amount of time necessary to save as much money as you invested initially, expressed in months. In other words, your “break-even point”.

For the purposes of this calculator, the “investment” is the difference in cost between your existing bulbs and the replacement bulbs plus the cost of installation.

The Details

Energy saved per bulb
Money saved over life of bulb
Number of existing bulbs used for each replacement bulb
Difference in cost between one replacement bulb and existing bulbs replaced
Total savings from one replacement
Gross savings from all replacements


The difference in cost between your existing bulbs and the replacement bulbs.
Investment in installation
Total investment
Net savings
Net savings per hour
Net savings per week
Net savings per month
Net savings per year