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Top Four Myths About LEDs

LED Light Bulbs

Save on our wide assortment of energy-efficient LED bulbs, available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

LEDs deliver quality light across a broad spectrum of color temperatures from warm ambient light to the bright white look of daylight, to suit any indoor or oudoor application.

Lumens vs. Wattage

When shopping for bulbs, you’re probably accustomed to looking for watts as an indication of how bright the bulb will be.

The brightness of LEDs, however, is determined a little differently. Contrary to common belief, wattage isn’t an indication of brightness, but a measurement of how much energy the bulb draws.

For incandescent bulbs, there is an accepted correlation between the watts drawn and the brightness, but for LEDs, watts aren’t a great predictor of how bright the bulb will be (the point, after all, is that they draw less energy.) But don’t bother doing the math - there isn’t a uniform way to convert incandescent watts to LED watts. Instead, a different form of measurement should be used: lumens.

The lumen (lm) is the real measurement of brightness provided by a light bulb, and is the number you should look for when shopping for LEDs.

Color Temperature

Illustration of color produced by varying color temperatures

LED lighting offers a range of color tones perfect for any application, from the soft look of an incandescent bulb to the bright white look of daylight. These color tones are called “color temperature” and their measurement is made in degrees Kelvin (K).

LEDs produce a wide range of color temperatures from 0-2900 Kelvin warmer light to 5000 Kelvin and above cool white.

Dimming LEDs

Watch out for non-dimmable LEDs.

Most dimmers, which were likely designed to work with incandescent bulbs, work by cutting off the amount of electricity sent to the bulbs. The less electricity drawn, the dimmer the light. Since there is no direct correlation between LED brightness and energy drawn, you need to ensure your LED on a dimmer switch can result in some LEDs to hum, flicker, or buzz.

If you want your LED bulb to be dimmable, you need to do one of two things: find LED bulbs compatible with traditional dimmers, or replace your current dimming switch with a leading-edge (LED-compatible) dimmer.

Shop dimmable LEDs

Enclosed Fixtures

LEDs can be used in enclosed, semi-closed or open fixtures, but you need to make sure you buy the right LED for your application.

You probably know that LED bulbs run dramatically cooler than incandescent bulbs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t produce heat. LED bulbs do get hot, but the heat is pulled away by a heat sink in the base of the bulb. From there, the heat dissipates into the air, keeping the LED bulb cool, which helps to keep its promise of a very long life.

And therein lies the problem: the bulb needs a way to dissipate the heat. If an LED bulb is placed in an enclosed housing, the heat won’t have anywhere to go, sending it right back to the bulb, sentencing it to a short life.

Consider where you’d like to place your LED bulbs. If you have fully or semi- enclosed fixtures, you need to make sure the LEDs are approved for recessed or enclosed spaces to avert any preformance issues.

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