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Lighting Rebates

Electric utilities across the country are looking for ways to decrease strain on the grid and lower the energy usage of their customers. One way to combat high energy usage is to offer incentives for commercial customers to convert their lighting to LED.

Lighting rebates are available to commercial customers for a variety of energy-efficient lighting products, sensors and controls throughout the United States. Bulbs.com is an authorized partner with thirty electric utility companies from New Hampshire to Hawaii that offer Instant Point-of-Purchase Rebates. That means you can purchase qualifying LED products from Bulbs.com for your business at a heavily discounted price, and we'll handle the rest! It's that easy.

Why The Electric Companies Offer Rebates
It is easy to be skeptical about getting LED lighting for your business for free, or for very little up front cost. It seems too good to be true, but the utility companies are doing this because it will actually benefit them. It's sort of like supply and demand in reverse. The electric companies want to reduce the demand on their power grids to remain within the power they can currently supply without building out their infrastructure, or borrowing from a neighboring utility. Watch the short video to learn more about why the utility companies are letting you purchase LED lighting at a discounted price from their partners like Bulbs.com.

Rebate amounts and eligible products vary from state to state, so check out your area in the map below to see what is offered. Then call one of our certified lighting specialists to take advantage of the rebates in your area today.

the states in the map below to check the availability of rebates in your area.

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Utility Companies Are Giving Businesses FREE MONEY – Here's Why